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pike.git/lib/modules/SSL.pmod/Context.pike:126:      //! Used to generate random cookies for the hello-message. If we use   //! the RSA keyexchange method, and this is a server, this random   //! number generator is not used for generating the master_secret. By   //! default set to @[Crypto.Random.random_string].   function(int(0..):string(8bit)) random = Crypto.Random.random_string;      //! Attempt to enable encrypt-then-mac mode. Defaults to @expr{1@}.   int(0..1) encrypt_then_mac = 1;    + //! Support truncated HMAC extension, @rfc{3546:3.5@}. Defaults to + //! @expr{0@}. + int(0..1) truncated_hmac = 0; +    //! Cipher suites we want to support, in order of preference, best   //! first. By default set to all suites with at least 128 bits cipher   //! key length, excluding RC4, and ephemeral and non-ephemeral   //! certificate based key exchange.   array(int) preferred_suites;      //! Supported elliptical curve cipher curves in order of   //! preference. Defaults to all supported curves, ordered with the   //! largest curves first.   array(int) ecc_curves = reverse(sort(indices(ECC_CURVES)));