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pike.git/lib/modules/SSL.pmod/Context.pike:772:   // server/client sent certificate. These are stored in trusted_issuers   // and in a cache from subject der to Verifier object. FIXME: Should   // use key identifier.      //! Policy for client authentication. One of   //! @[SSL.Constants.AUTHLEVEL_none],   //! @[SSL.Constants.AUTHLEVEL_verify], @[SSL.Constants.AUTHLEVEL_ask]   //! and @[SSL.Constants.AUTHLEVEL_require].   //!   //! Defaults to SSL.Constants.AUTHLEVEL_none. - int auth_level; + int auth_level = AUTHLEVEL_none;      //! Array of authorities that are accepted for client certificates.   //! The server will only accept connections from clients whose   //! certificate is signed by one of these authorities. The string is a   //! DER-encoded certificate, which typically must be decoded using   //! @[MIME.decode_base64] or @[Standards.PEM.Messages] first.   //!   //! Note that it is presumed that the issuer will also be trusted by   //! the server. See @[trusted_issuers] for details on specifying   //! trusted issuers.