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pike.git/lib/modules/SSL.pmod/Context.pike:161:   //! @value Constant.EXTENSION_signed_certificate_timestamp   //! Not supported by Pike. The server side will just check that   //! the client packets are correctly formatted.   //! @value Constant.EXTENSION_early_data   //! Needed for TLS 1.3 0-RTT handshake.   //! @value Constant.EXTENSION_padding   //! This extension is required to avoid a bug in some f5 SSL   //! terminators for certain sizes of client handshake messages.   //! @endint   //! + //! The following supported values are not included by default.   //! @int   //! @value Constant.EXTENSION_truncated_hmac   //! This extension allows for the HMAC to be truncated for a small   //! win in payload size. Not widely implemented and may be a   //! security risk.   //! @value Constant.EXTENSION_heartbeat   //! This extension allows the client and server to send heartbeats   //! over the connection. Intended to keep TCP connections   //! alive. Required to be set to use @[heartbleed_probe].   //! @value Constant.EXTENSION_extended_master_secret