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pike.git/lib/modules/SSL.pmod/Context.pike:717:    return Crypto.RSA()->generate_key(512);   }      // --- PSK API      // In addition to implementing get_psk, get_psk_id if you are a client   // and optionally get_psk_hint if you are a server, the context object   // also needs to ensure the apprioriate PSK cipher suites are in the   // preferred_suites array. If the server is only accepting these PSK   // connections, simply setting the array to a single member is best. - // The client must only inlcude PSK suites when talking to a servers + // The client must only include PSK suites when talking to a servers   // known to support it, or risk getting MITM attacks.      //! A context created for server side PSK use can optionally implement   //! get_psk_hint to return a hint string to be sent to the client. If   //! not implemented, or returning 0, no PSK hint will be sent.   optional string(8bit) get_psk_hint();      //! A context created for client side PSK use must implement a   //! get_psk_id method, which will be called with the server provided   //! hint, or 0 if no hint was sent. Note that while there is an API