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pike.git/lib/modules/SSL.pmod/Notes.txt:184:    Schedule write_callback with real_backend call_out.    On send failure, block futher calls of write.      ssl_close_callback():    Schedule close_callback if close() has not been called yet.    Block further calls of read.      ssl_close_alert_callback():    As ssl_close_callback, but allow use of stream when done.    - Known Problems: +  + Known Problems and Missing Features + ----------------------------------- +     Nonblocking mode without callbacks.       Support for set_buffer_mode() et al not yet supported,    neither directly nor in the embedded stream. -  +  +  Session objects should be possible to serialize with +  encode_value() to allow multiple frontend nodes to share the +  session cache. (Overloading the session cache functionality in +  Context is already easy to do) +  +  The handshake message hash should be steaming and discard raw +  data after each packet. Also, it is probably possible to find +  only one place in the code where data can be fed to the +  streaming hash.