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pike.git/lib/modules/SSL.pmod/https.pike:194: Inside #if constant(Crypto.ECC.Curve)
   make_certificate(ctx, key, Crypto.SHA256);       // Compat with OLD clients.    //    // Unlikely to be needed, but the cost is minimal.    make_certificate(ctx, key, Crypto.SHA1);   #endif       // Make sure all cipher suites are available.    ctx->preferred_suites = ctx->get_suites(CIPHER_BITS, KE_MODE); +  ctx->min_version = SSL.Constants.PROTOCOL_SSL_3_0;    SSL3_DEBUG_MSG("Cipher suites:\n%s",    .Constants.fmt_cipher_suites(ctx->preferred_suites));       SSL3_DEBUG_MSG("Certs:\n%O\n", ctx->get_certificates());       port = SSL.Port(ctx);       werror("Starting\n");    if (!port->bind(PORT, my_accept_callback, NetUtils.ANY))    exit(1, "Failed to bind port %d.\n", PORT);       werror("Listening on port %d.\n", PORT);    return -1;   #endif   }