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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/mysql.pike:418:    "\x88": "\u02C6", "\x89": "\u2030", "\x8a": "\u0160", "\x8b": "\u2039",    "\x8c": "\u0152", /*"\x8d": "\u008D",*/ "\x8e": "\u017D", /*"\x8f": "\u008F",*/    /*"\x90": "\u0090",*/ "\x91": "\u2018", "\x92": "\u2019", "\x93": "\u201C",    "\x94": "\u201D", "\x95": "\u2022", "\x96": "\u2013", "\x97": "\u2014",    "\x98": "\u02DC", "\x99": "\u2122", "\x9a": "\u0161", "\x9b": "\u203A",    "\x9c": "\u0153", /*"\x9d": "\u009D",*/ "\x9e": "\u017E", "\x9f": "\u0178",    ])), extended);   }      string utf8_encode_query (string q, -  function(string, mixed...:string) encode_fn, +  function(string, __unknown__...:string) encode_fn,    mixed ... extras)   //! Encodes the appropriate sections of the query with @[encode_fn].   //! Everything except strings prefixed by an introducer (i.e.   //! @expr{_something@} or @expr{N@}) is encoded.   {    // We need to find the segments that shouldn't be encoded.    string e = "";    while (1) {    sscanf(q, "%[^\'\"]%s", string prefix, string suffix);    e += encode_fn (prefix, @extras);