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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:130:   #define MACADDROID 829   #define INETOID 869   #define BPCHAROID 1042   #define VARCHAROID 1043   #define CTIDOID 1247   #define UUIDOID 2950      #define PG_PROTOCOL(m,n) (((m)<<16)|(n))   #define FLUSH "H\0\0\0\4"    - //! @decl void ereate() + //! @decl void create()   //! @decl void create(string host, void|string database, void|string user,@   //! void|string password)   //!   //! With no arguments, this function initializes (reinitializes if a   //! connection had been previously set up) a connection to the   //! PostgreSQL backend. Since PostgreSQL requires a database to be   //! selected, it will try to connect to the default database. The   //! connection may fail however for a variety of reasons, in this case   //! the most likely of all is because you don't have enough authority   //! to connect to that database. So use of this particular syntax is