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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:1:   /*    * This is the PostgreSQL direct network module for Pike.    */    - #pragma dynamic_dot -  +    //! This is an interface to the PostgreSQL database   //! server. This module is independent of any external libraries.   //! Note that you @b{do not@} need to have a   //! PostgreSQL server running on your host to use this module: you can   //! connect to the database over a TCP/IP socket.   //!   //! This module replaces the functionality of the older @[Sql.postgres]   //! and @[Postgres.postgres] modules.   //!   //! This module supports the following features:
pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:50:   //! @note   //! Multiple simultaneous queries on the same database connection is a   //! feature that none of the other database drivers for Pike support.   //! So, although it's efficient, its use will make switching database drivers   //! difficult.   //!   //! @seealso   //! @[Sql.Sql], @[Sql.postgres], @url{http://www.postgresql.org/docs/@}      #pike __REAL_VERSION__ + #pragma dynamic_dot   #require constant(Thread.Thread)      #include "pgsql.h"      #define ERROR(X ...) predef::error(X)      final int _fetchlimit=FETCHLIMIT;   final Thread.Mutex _unnamedportalmux;   private Thread.Mutex unnamedstatement;   private Thread.MutexKey termlock;