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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:855:   //! @param condition   //! Name of the notification event we're listening   //! to. A special case is the empty string, which matches all events,   //! and can be used as fallback function which is called only when the   //! specific condition is not handled..   //!   //! @param notify_cb   //! Function to be called on receiving a notification-event of   //! condition @[condition].   //! The callback function is invoked with - //! @expr{void notify_cb(pid,condition,extrainfo,@args);@} + //! @expr{void notify_cb(pid,condition,extrainfo, .. args);@}   //! @[pid] is the process id of the database session that originated   //! the event. @[condition] contains the current condition.   //! @[extrainfo] contains optional extra information specified by   //! the database.   //! The rest of the arguments to @[notify_cb] are passed   //! verbatim from @[args].   //! The callback function must return no value.   //!   //! @param selfnotify   //! Normally notify events generated by your own session are ignored.