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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:157:   //! If the database supports and allows SSL connections, the session   //! will be SSL encrypted, if not, the connection will abort.   //! @member int "text_query"   //! Send queries to and retrieve results from the database using text   //! instead of the, generally more efficient, default native binary method.   //! Turning this on will allow multiple statements per query separated   //! by semicolons.   //! @member int "sync_parse"   //! Set it to zero to turn synchronous parsing off for statements.   //! Setting this to off can cause surprises because statements could - //! be parsed before the previous statements have been executed. - //! This can speed up parsing by increased parallelism. + //! be parsed before the previous statements have been executed + //! (e.g. references to temporary tables created in the preceding + //! statement), + //! but it can speed up parsing due to increased parallelism.   //! @member int "cache_autoprepared_statements"   //! If set to zero, it disables the automatic statement prepare and   //! cache logic; caching prepared statements can be problematic   //! when stored procedures and tables are redefined which leave stale   //! references in the already cached prepared statements.   //! @member string "client_encoding"   //! Character encoding for the client side, it defaults to using   //! the default encoding specified by the database, e.g.   //! @expr{"UTF8"@} or @expr{"SQL_ASCII"@}.   //! @member string "standard_conforming_strings"
pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:183:   //! ordinary string literal and @expr{"standard_conforming_strings"@}   //! is off, defaults to on.   //! @endmapping   //! For the numerous other options please check the PostgreSQL manual.   //!   //! @note   //! You need to have a database selected before using the sql-object,   //! otherwise you'll get exceptions when you try to query it. Also   //! notice that this function @b{can@} raise exceptions if the db   //! server doesn't respond, if the database doesn't exist or is not - //! accessible by you. + //! accessible to you.   //!   //! @seealso   //! @[Postgres.postgres], @[Sql.Sql], @[select_db()], - //! @url{http://www.postgresql.org/search/?u=%2Fdocs%2Fcurrent%2F&q=client+connection+defaults@} + //! @url{http://www.postgresql.org/search/?u=%2Fdocs%2Fcurrent%2F&q=client+connection+search_path@}   protected void create(void|string host, void|string database,    void|string user, void|string pass,    void|mapping(string:mixed) options) {    this::pass = pass;    if(pass) {    String.secure(pass);    pass = "CENSORED";    }    this::user = user;    this::database = database;
pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:378:   //! Reports wether the database supports 64-bit-integer dates and times.   //! @member string "server_version"   //! Shows the server version, e.g. @expr{"8.3.3"@}.   //! @endmapping   //!   //! The values can be changed during a session using SET commands to the   //! database.   //! For other runtimeparameters check the PostgreSQL documentation.   //!   //! @seealso - //! @url{http://www.postgresql.org/search/?u=%2Fdocs%2Fcurrent%2F&q=client+connection+defaults@} + //! @url{http://www.postgresql.org/search/?u=%2Fdocs%2Fcurrent%2F&q=client+connection+search_path@}   //!   //! @note   //! This function is PostgreSQL-specific, and thus it is not available   //! through the generic SQL-interface.   /*semi*/final mapping(string:string) getruntimeparameters() {    waitauthready();    return _runtimeparameter+([]);   }      //! @returns