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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:69:   private .pgsql_util.conxion c;   private string cancelsecret;   private int backendpid, backendstatus;   final mapping(string:mixed) _options;   private array(string) lastmessage=({});   private int clearmessage;   private mapping(string:array(mixed)) notifylist=([]);   final mapping(string:string) _runtimeparameter;   final mapping(string:mapping(string:mixed)) _prepareds=([]);   private int pstmtcount; - private int ptstmtcount; // Periodically one would like to reset this + private int ptstmtcount; // Periodically one would like to reset these    // but checking when this is safe to do    // probably is more costly than the gain   final int _pportalcount;   private int totalhits;   private int cachedepth=STATEMENTCACHEDEPTH;   private int timeout=QUERYTIMEOUT;   private int portalbuffersize=PORTALBUFFERSIZE;   private int reconnected; // Number of times the connection was reset   private int reconnectdelay; // Time to next reconnect   #ifdef PG_STATS
pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:1864:    foreach(_prepareds;string ind;tp) {    int oldhits=tp.hits;    totalhits-=oldhits-(tp.hits=oldhits>>1);    if(oldhits<=1) {    closestatement(plugbuffer,tp.preparedname);    m_delete(_prepareds,ind);    }    }    if(forcecache!=1 && .pgsql_util.createprefix->match(q)) {    invalidatecache=1; // Flush cache on CREATE -  pstmtcount=0; // Reset prepared statementnos +     tp=UNDEFINED;    } else    _prepareds[q]=tp=([]);    }    if(invalidatecache) {    invalidatecache=0;    foreach(_prepareds;;mapping np) {    closestatement(plugbuffer,np.preparedname);    m_delete(np,"preparedname");    }