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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:1214: Inside #if defined(PG_STATS)
   portal._tprepared = tp;   #ifdef PG_STATS    portalsopened++;   #endif    proxy.clearmessage = 1;    // Do not run a query in the local_backend to prevent deadlocks    if (Thread.this_thread() == .pgsql_util.local_backend.executing_thread())    Thread.Thread(startquery, forcetext, portal, q, tp, preparedname);    else    startquery(forcetext, portal, q, tp, preparedname); +  if (portal) // Catches race where portal already imploded    throwdelayederror(portal);    return portal;   }      //! This is an alias for @[big_query()], since @[big_query()] already supports   //! streaming of multiple simultaneous queries through the same connection.   //!   //! @seealso   //! @[big_query()], @[big_typed_query()], @[Sql.Sql], @[Sql.sql_result]   /*semi*/final inline .pgsql_util.sql_result streaming_query(string q,