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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:106:   private Thread.Condition waitforauthready;   final Thread.Mutex _shortmux;   final Thread.Condition _readyforcommit;   final int _waittocommit, _readyforquerycount;      private string _sprintf(int type, void|mapping flags) {    string res=UNDEFINED;    switch(type) {    case 'O':    res=sprintf(DRIVERNAME"(%s@%s:%d/%s,%d,%d)", -  user,_host,_port,database,c&&c->socket?->query_fd(),backendpid); +  user,_host,_port,database,c?->socket&&c->socket->query_fd(),backendpid);    break;    }    return res;   }      //! With no arguments, this function initialises (reinitialises if a   //! connection has been set up previously) a connection to the   //! PostgreSQL backend. Since PostgreSQL requires a database to be   //! selected, it will try to connect to the default database. The   //! connection may fail however, for a variety of reasons; in this case
pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:567:   private void preplastmessage(mapping(string:string) msgresponse) {    lastmessage=({    sprintf("%s %s:%s %s\n (%s:%s:%s)",    msgresponse.S,msgresponse.C,msgresponse.P||"",    msgresponse.M,msgresponse.F||"",msgresponse.R||"",    msgresponse.L||"")});   }      private void waitauthready() {    if(waitforauthready) { -  PD("%d Wait for auth ready %O\n",c&&c->socket?->query_fd(),backtrace()[-2]); +  PD("%d Wait for auth ready %O\n",c?->socket&&c->socket->query_fd(),backtrace()[-2]);    Thread.MutexKey lock=_shortmux->lock();    catch(PT(waitforauthready->wait(lock)));    lock=0; -  PD("%d Wait for auth ready released.\n",c&&c->socket?->query_fd()); +  PD("%d Wait for auth ready released.\n",c?->socket&&c->socket->query_fd());    }   }      private inline mixed callout(function(mixed ...:void) f,    float|int delay,mixed ... args) {    return .pgsql_util.local_backend->call_out(f,delay,@args);   }      final void _processloop(.pgsql_util.conxion ci) {    int terminating=0;