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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:1674:   //!   //! Bindings are supported natively straight across the network.   //! Special bindings supported are:   //! @mapping   //! @member int ":_cache"   //! Forces caching on or off for the query at hand.   //! @member int ":_text"   //! Forces text mode in communication with the database for queries on or off   //! for the query at hand. Potentially more efficient than the default   //! binary method for simple queries with small or no result sets. + //! Note that this mode causes all but the first query result of a list + //! of semicolon separated statements to be discarded.   //! @endmapping   //!   //! @returns   //! A @[Sql.pgsql_util.pgsql_result] object (which conforms to the   //! @[Sql.sql_result] standard interface for accessing data). It is   //! recommended to use @[Sql.Sql()->query()] for simpler queries (because   //! it is easier to handle, but stores all the result in memory), and   //! @[Sql.Sql()->big_query()] for queries you expect to return huge amounts of   //! data (it's harder to handle, but fetches results on demand).   //!
pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql.pike:1814:    }    }    if(sizeof(plugbuf))    { _c.sendcmd(plugbuf,1); // close expireds    PD("%O\n",plugbuf);    }    tstart=gethrtime();    } // pgsql_result autoassigns to portal    else    tp=UNDEFINED; -  connectionclosed=0; +     for(;;) -  { .pgsql_util.pgsql_result(this,q,_fetchlimit, +  { connectionclosed=0; +  .pgsql_util.pgsql_result(this,q,_fetchlimit,    portalbuffersize,_alltyped,from,forcetext);    if(unnamedportalinuse)    portalname=PORTALPREFIX+(string)pportalcount++;    else    unnamedportalinuse++;    _c.portal->_portalname=portalname;    qstate=inquery;    portalsinflight++; portalsopened++;    clearmessage=1;    mixed err;