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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql_util.pmod:1:   /*    * Some pgsql utility functions.    * They are kept here to avoid circular references.    */    - #pragma dynamic_dot -  +    //! The pgsql backend, shared between all connection instances.   //! It runs even in non-callback mode in a separate thread and makes sure   //! that communication with the database is real-time and event driven   //! at all times.   //!   //! @note   //! Callbacks running from this backend directly determine the latency   //! in reacting to communication with the database server; so it   //! would be prudent not to block in these callbacks.      #pike __REAL_VERSION__ -  + #pragma dynamic_dot   #require constant(Thread.Thread)      #include "pgsql.h"      //! The instance of the pgsql dedicated backend.   final Pike.Backend local_backend = Pike.SmallBackend();      private Thread.Mutex backendmux = Thread.Mutex();   private int clientsregistered;