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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql_util.pmod:618:   //! the noted differences it behaves the same as @[Sql.sql_result].   //!   //! @seealso   //! @[Sql.sql_result], @[Sql.pgsql], @[Sql.Sql], @[Sql.pgsql()->big_query()]   class sql_result {       private proxy pgsqlsess;    private int(0..1) eoffound;    private conxion c;    private conxiin cr; +  final int(0..1) untolderror;    final mixed delayederror;    final int(0..7) _state; // FIXME actually: int(PORTALINIT..PURGED)    final int _fetchlimit;    private int(0..1) alltext;    final int(0..1) _forcetext;    private int syncparse;    private int transtype;       final string _portalname;