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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql_util.pmod:139:    * if there is a RETURNING with a *lot* of results. In those cases    * the portal will be busy until all results have been fetched, and will    * not be able to deliver results belonging to other parallel queries    * running on the same filedescriptor.    *    * However, considering that the current heuristic increases query-speed    * in the majority of the real-world cases, it would be considered a good    * tradeoff.    */   private Regexp execfetchlimit -  = iregexp("^\a*((UPDA|DELE)TE|INSERT|CREATE|DROP" +  = iregexp("^\a*((UPDA|DELE)TE|INSERT|CREATE|DROP|CALL"    "|RESET|CLOSE|DISCARD)\a|\aLIMIT\a+[1-9][; \t\f\r\n]*$");      private void default_backend_runs() { // Runs as soon as the    cb_backend = Pike.DefaultBackend; // DefaultBackend has started   }      protected void create() {    atexit(_destruct);    // Run callbacks from our local_backend until DefaultBackend has started    cb_backend = local_backend = Pike.Backend();