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pike.git/lib/modules/Sql.pmod/pgsql_util.pmod:38:       /* Statements matching dontcacheprefix never enter the cache    */   private Regexp dontcacheprefix=iregexp("^\a*(FETCH|COPY)\a");       /* Statements not matching paralleliseprefix will cause the driver    * to stall submission until all previously started statements have    * run to completion    */   private Regexp paralleliseprefix -  =iregexp("^\a*(SELECT|(UPDA|DELE)TE|INSERT)\a"); +  =iregexp("^\a*((SELEC|INSER)T|(UPDA|DELE)TE|FETCH)\a");       /* For statements matching execfetchlimit the resultrows will not be    * fetched in pieces    */   private Regexp execfetchlimit    =iregexp("^\a*((UPDA|DELE)TE|INSERT)\a|\aLIMIT\a+[1-9][; \t\f\r\n]*$");      private Regexp iregexp(string expr) {    Stdio.Buffer ret=Stdio.Buffer();    foreach(expr;;int c)