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pike.git/lib/modules/Standards.pmod/URI.pike:159:    if(segments[-2]!=".." && segments[-1]=="..")    segments=segments[..<2]+({""});       // g) If the resulting buffer string still begins with one or more    // complete path segments of "..", then the reference is    // considered to be in error. Implementations may handle this    // error by retaining these components in the resolved path (i.e.,    // treating them as part of the final URI), by removing them from    // the resolved path (i.e., discarding relative levels above the    // root), or by avoiding traversal of the reference. +  segments -= ({ ".." });    return segments * "/";   }         //! @decl void reparse_uri()   //! @decl void reparse_uri(URI base_uri)   //! @decl void reparse_uri(string base_uri)   //! Reparse the URI with respect to a new base URI. If   //! no base_uri was supplied, the old base_uri is thrown away.   //! The resolving is performed according to the guidelines