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pike.git/lib/modules/Standards.pmod/X509.pmod:249:   //! @param c   //! The public key cipher used for the certificate, @[Crypto.RSA] or   //! @[Crypto.DSA]. The object should be initialized with (at least)   //! public keys.   //!   //! @param ttl   //! The validity of the certificate, in seconds, starting from   //! creation date.   //!   //! @param name - //! List of properties to create distinghuised name from. + //! List of properties to create distinguished name from.   //!   //! @param extensions   //! List of extensions as ASN.1 structures.   //!   //! @param serial   //! Serial number of the certificate. Defaults to generating a UUID   //! version1 value with random node. Some browsers will refuse   //! different certificates from the same signer with the same serial   //! number.   string make_selfsigned_certificate(Crypto.RSA|Crypto.DSA c, int ttl,