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pike.git/lib/modules/String.pmod:5:      constant Buffer = __builtin.Buffer;      constant count=__builtin.string_count;   constant width=__builtin.string_width;   constant trim_whites = __builtin.string_trim_whites;   constant trim_all_whites = __builtin.string_trim_all_whites;   constant Iterator = __builtin.string_iterator;   constant SplitIterator = __builtin.string_split_iterator;   constant Replace = __builtin.multi_string_replace; + constant SingleReplace = __builtin.single_string_replace;      /*    * Implode an array of strings to an english 'list'    * ie. ({"foo","bar","gazonk"}) becomes "foo, bar and gazonk"    */      //! This function implodes a list of words to a readable string.   //! If the separator is omitted, the default is <tt>"and"</tt>.   //! If the words are numbers they are converted to strings first.   //!