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pike.git/lib/modules/System.pmod/FSEvents.pmod/BlockingEventStream.pike:1:   #pike __REAL_VERSION__ + #require constant(System.FSEvents.EventStream)      //! A variation of @[EventStream] that provides a blocking interface.   //!   //! @note   //! A quirk of the underlying IO subsystem in CoreFoundation is that   //! there is exactly one runloop per thread. Because FSEvents uses   //! CoreFoundation, this means that there's no meaningful way to   //! specify which backend should process these events. Therefore,   //! always make sure that the thread you create the EventStream   //! object is the same one you read events from, otherwise   //! @[read_event] will run not run the EventLoop that this   //! EventStream is registered with, resulting in events never being   //! delivered.    - #if constant(System.FSEvents.EventStream) -  +     inherit .EventStream;       protected ADT.Queue received_events = ADT.Queue();       protected void bfse_callback(string path, int flags, int event_id)    { -  received_events->write((["path": path, "flags": flags, "event_id": event_id])); +  received_events->put((["path": path, "flags": flags, "event_id": event_id]));    }      //!    protected void create(array(string) paths, float latency, int|void since_when, int|void flags)    {   #if !constant(Pike.DefaultBackend.HAVE_CORE_FOUNDATION)    throw(Error.Generic("Pike does not have support for Core Foundation. FSEvents will not function!\n"));   #endif    ::create(paths, latency, since_when, flags);    ::set_callback(bfse_callback);
pike.git/lib/modules/System.pmod/FSEvents.pmod/BlockingEventStream.pike:59: Inside #if constant(System.FSEvents.EventStream)
   {    res = Pike.DefaultBackend(timeout);    } while(floatp(res) && received_events->is_empty() && orig_timeout && (timeout = (timeout-res)) > 0.0);    }       if(received_events->is_empty())    return 0;    else    return received_events->get();    } - #else - constant this_program_does_not_exist=1; - #endif +