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pike.git/lib/modules/Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/benchmark.pike:14:   -s<number>, --max-seconds=<number>    Runs a test at most <number> of seconds, rounded up to the closest    complete test. Defaults to 3.      -t<glob>[,<glob>...], --tests=<glob>[,<glob>...]    Only run the specified tests.      --json, -j    Output result as JSON instead of human readable text    - --compare, -c + --compare=<file>, -c <file>    Read a result previously created by saving the output of --json and    print relative results   ";         string dot( string a, int width, bool al, bool odd )   {    string pre="",post="";    int wanted = (width-strlen(a));    string pad = " ."*(wanted/2+1);