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pike.git/lib/modules/__builtin.pmod/Sql.pmod/Connection.pike:17:   //! @ul   //! @item   //! In untyped mode, all values except SQL NULL are returned as   //! strings in their display representation, and SQL NULL is returned   //! as zero.   //! @item   //! In typed mode, values are returned in pike native form where it   //! works well. That means at least that SQL integer fields are   //! returned as pike integers, floats as floats, SQL NULL as   //! @[Val.null], and of course strings still as strings. The - //! representation of other SQL types depend on the capabilities of + //! representation of other SQL types depends on the capabilities of   //! the server specific backends. It's also possible that floats in   //! some cases are represented in other ways if too much precision is   //! lost in the conversion to pike floats.   //! @endul   //!   //! @endsection   //!   //! @note   //! For historical reasons, there may be server specific backends that   //! operate differently from what is described here, e.g. some that