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pike.git/refdoc/chapters/hilfe.xml:148:    . - Abort current input batch.      Enter "help me more" for further Hilfe help.   >   </example>      <p>In addition to this elementary help there are a few extra arguments   that can be given to help to see other help pages. "<tt>help me   more</tt>" returns a brief summary of everything in this manual   chapter. "<tt>help hilfe todo</tt>" shows the items in the bug section - below. "<tt>help about hilfe</tt>" show the Hilfe CVS id string and - some other version information. In addition to these three arguments - it is also possible to type help follow with the name of any other - command. That will display the documentation for that command.</p> + below. "<tt>help about hilfe</tt>" show version information. In + addition to these three arguments it is also possible to type help + follow with the name of any other command. That will display the + documentation for that command.</p>      </subsection>      <subsection title="Exit and Quit">   <p>It is possible to end a Hilfe session by entering the command   <tt>exit</tt> or <tt>quit</tt>. It is also possible to exit by using   Control+D. Note that no history will be saved if Control+C is used to   terminate Hilfe.</p>   </subsection>