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pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:76:      Description: Declare a Pike entity and state that the current    documentation block "is about" that entity. If the    documentation block is bound to a Pike entity by    adjacency (if it is a Pike file being extracted), then    @decl is allowed iff:    1. The Pike entity in the adjacent code is one method.    2. All @decl's in the block are methods with the same    name as that method. (look at the last example    below) +  +  The rest of the line after @decl should follow real pike +  syntax, but the ending semicolon is optional. There are +  some differences though, notably it allows a type to be +  specified for constants. +    Arguments: <declaration>    Where:    <declaration> is a valid Pike declaration. A trailing    ";" is optional.   Children: Documentation for the entity. After all @decl's may follow    one of @appears or @belongs.   Groups with: @decl   Examples:    //! @decl void explode(string victim);    //! @decl float root(float x)    //! @decl mapping(string:string) arguments;    //! Doc for these three disparate things.       //! @decl float cube(float f)    //! @decl int cube(int i)    //! This is how to document a "polymorph" function.    float|int cube(float|int x) { /* body */ }    -  +  //! @decl constant int bitmask +  //! A constant which has a public type but private value. +    _______________________________________________________________________________      Keyword: @endclass   Description: Leave the class scope entered by @class.   Arguments: [name]    Where:    [name] if present, must be the same as the argument to    @class.   Children:   Groups with: -