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pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:137:    Where:    [name] if present, must be the same as the argument to    @namespace.   Children: -   Groups with: -   Examples:    /*! @endnamespace lfun:: */      _______________________________________________________________________________    + Keyword: @inherit + Description: Tell which classes are inherited into this class. + Arguments: <name> +  Where: +  <name> is an "absolute" name with identifiers +  separated by dots. It can also be prefixed by +  'scope::' where scope is one of the valid scope +  modules. + Children: - + Groups with: - + Examples: +  //! @class XHTML +  //! @inherit XML +  + _______________________________________________________________________________ +    Keyword: @module   Description: Declare and enter a new scope for a module. Only in C    mode. Until an @endmodule is found, all declarations    will be regarded as children of the module.   Arguments: <name>    Where:    <name> is a valid Pike identifier. Not the "absolute"    name with dots.   Children: Documentation for the module, or empty.   Groups with: -