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pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:599:   Groups with: -      Examples: My favourite class is @ref{Vanilla.Ice.Cream@}, it    tastes much better than @[Nougat.Glass] or @[`+].      XML: <ref>...</ref>   _______________________________________________________________________________      Keyword: @section - @endsection   Description: Begin a new section in the text. - Arguments: <name> + Arguments: <title>    Where: -  <name> is any text that is the name of the section. +  <title> is any text that is the title of the section.   Children: Text (with markup)   Groups with: -   Examples:    @section One - Introduction    ...    @endsection    @section Two - Intrinsics & Details about the Interface    ...    @endsection    - XML: <section name=" ... "> + XML: <section title=" ... "> +  The attribute "name" can be used instead of "title", for +  compatibility.   _______________________________________________________________________________      Keyword: @string - @endstring   Description: Documentation of the layout of a mapping.   Arguments: [name]   Children: @value   Examples: @string    @value "GMT"    Greenwich Mean Time    @value "CET"