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pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:555:   Keyword: @xml{ ... @}   Description: XML escape. Inside this tag the characters <>& are not quoted and    this makes it possible to insert raw XML. Note that the usual    rules apply to @ and that @i{...@}-style tags can be used inside.   Children: Text with markup.   Examples: @xml{<b>Bold</b> and @i{italic@}@}      XML: No representation.   ________________________________________________________________________________    + Keyword: @ignore - @endignore + Description: Ignores the block of code enclosed between the two keywords. Useful +  for code that the AutoDoc parser cannot understand. + Children: - + Examples: @ignore +  array PROXY(_indices, ::_indices()); +  array PROXY(_values, ::_values()); +  @endignore + ________________________________________________________________________________ +