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pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:1:   This document describes the keywords recognized by the AutoDoc parser, and their - intended use. JHS is working on a more elaborate manual and style guide, which - will most likely appear in pike/autodoc/tags.txt when this file is discarded. + intended use.      ================================================================================       META KEYWORDS      ================================================================================      Keyword: @appears   Description: Tell where the documentation for an item should be shown.    Gives the full new name of the item. Must be placed first in
pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:254:   XML: <seealso/>   ________________________________________________________________________________   ================================================================================       TEXT MARKUP KEYWORDS      ================================================================================      Keyword: @array - @endarray   Description: Documentation of the layout of an array. - Arguments: <name> + Arguments: [name]   Children: @elem   Groups with: -   Examples: @array    @elem mixed 0..    All elements are of type mixed.    @endarray      XML: `@array Foo' =>    <array name="Foo">   ________________________________________________________________________________
pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:351:   Keyword: @image{ ... @}   Description: Insert the specified image.   Children: The filename of the image file.   Examples: @image{chart2.png@}      XML: <image>...</image>   ________________________________________________________________________________      Keyword: @int - @endint   Description: Documentation of the different values an integer may have. - Arguments: <name> + Arguments: [name]   Children: @value   Examples: @int    @value 0    Ignore all zonks.    @value 1    Transform zonks into flutter.    @value -1    Remove all zonks.    @value 5..10    Do something.
pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:382:    <name> is any string that will be the name of the term.   Children: Text (with markup)   Groups with: @item   Examples:      XML: <item name="..."/>   ________________________________________________________________________________      Keyword: @mapping - @endmapping   Description: Documentation of the layout of a mapping. - Arguments: <name> + Arguments: [name]   Children: @member   Examples: @mapping    @member int "ip"    The IP# of the host.    @member string "address"    The name of the host.    @endmapping      XML: <mapping name="..."/>   ________________________________________________________________________________
pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:417:      XML: `@member float "foo"' =>    <member>    <type><float/></type>    <index>"foo"</index>    </member>   ________________________________________________________________________________      Keyword: @multiset - @endmultiset   Description: Documentation of the layout of a multiset. - Arguments: <name> + Arguments: [name]   Children: @index   Examples: @multiset    @index "cat"    It's raining cats.    @index "dog"    It's raining dogs    @endmultiset      XML: <multiset name="..."/>   ________________________________________________________________________________
pike.git/refdoc/keywords.txt:505:    @endsection    @section Two - Intrinsics & Details about the Interface    ...    @endsection      XML: <section name=" ... ">   ________________________________________________________________________________      Keyword: @string - @endstring   Description: Documentation of the layout of a mapping. - Arguments: <name> + Arguments: [name]   Children: @value   Examples: @string    @value "GMT"    Greenwich Mean Time    @value "CET"    Central European Time    @endstring      XML: <string name=" ... "/>   ________________________________________________________________________________