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pike.git/refdoc/structure.xml:1:   <dir>    <!-- These three info tags are simply ignored by the splitter: -->    <last-altered-by>$Author: grubba $</last-altered-by> -  <last-altered-at>$Date: 2001/04/24 22:29:46 $</last-altered-at> -  <file-revision>$Revision: 1.2 $</file-revision> +  <last-altered-at>$Date: 2001/04/24 22:35:25 $</last-altered-at> +  <file-revision>$Revision: 1.3 $</file-revision>    <file name="structure.xml">    <!-- Don't delete this file on us in the import stage... :) -->    <!-- This file is not touched at all by the splitter, since -->    <!-- there are no targets here; it's only used on the other -->    <!-- side, for dark purposes not fit for printing here. :-) -->    </file>    <dir name="Process">    <file name="create_process.xml">    <!-- Only list create() and limit_value at -->    <!-- this page and list them in that order -->
pike.git/refdoc/structure.xml:42:    </dir>    <file name="Calendar.xml">    <target module="Calendar"/>    </file>    <file name="Crypto.xml">    <target module="Crypto"/>    </file>    <file name="GDK.xml">    <target module="GDK"/>    </file> +  <file name="Gnome.xml"> +  <target module="Gnome"/> +  </file>    <!--    <file name="GL.xml">    <target module="GL"/>    <target module="GLU"/>    <target module="GLUT"/>    </file>    -->    <file name="GTK.xml">    <target module="GTK"/>    </file>    <file name="Sql.xml">    <target module="Sql"/>    </file>    <file name="index.xml">    <!-- Import all remaining crawled data to this file: -->    <target module=""/>    </file>   </dir>