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pike.git/refdoc/structure/traditional.xml:51:    <insert-move entity="Stdio.UDP"/>    <insert-move entity="Stdio.Terminfo"/>    <insert-move entity="Stdio.Readline"/>    <insert-move entity="Stdio"/>    </chapter>    </file>    <file>    <chapter title="Specific Datatype Modules">    <insert-move entity="String"/>    <insert-move entity="Array"/> - <!-- <insert-move entity="Mapping"/> --> - <!-- <insert-move entity="Multiset"/> --> - <!-- <insert-move entity="Int"/> --> - <!-- <insert-move entity="Float"/> --> +  <insert-move entity="Mapping"/> +  <insert-move entity="Multiset"/> +  <insert-move entity="Int"/> +  <insert-move entity="Float"/>    <insert-move entity="Function"/>    <insert-move entity="Program"/>    <insert-move entity="ADT"/>    </chapter>    </file>    <file>    <chapter title="Parsers">    <insert-move entity="Parser.XML"/>    <insert-move entity="Parser.HTML"/>    <insert-move entity="Parser"/>    </chapter>    </file>    <file>    <chapter title="Image Module">    <insert-move entity="Image.Image"/>    <insert-move entity="Image.Layer"/>    <insert-move entity="Image.Font"/>    <insert-move entity="Image.Colortable"/> - <!-- <insert-move entity="Image.Colortable"/> --> +     <insert-move entity="Image.Color"/>    <insert-move entity="Image.ANY"/>    <insert-move entity="Image"/>    </chapter>    </file>    <file>    <chapter title="Protocols">    <insert-move entity="Protocols.HTTP"/>    <insert-move entity="SSL"/>    <insert-move entity="Protocols.LysKOM"/>    <insert-move entity="Protocols.DNS"/>    <insert-move entity="Protocols"/>    </chapter>    </file>    <file>    <chapter title="Database Access">    <insert-move entity="Sql"/>    <insert-move entity="Mysql"/> -  +  <insert-move entity="Msql"/>    <insert-move entity="Postgres"/> - <!-- <insert-move entity="Oracle"/> --> +     <insert-move entity="Gdbm"/> - <!-- <insert-move entity="Yabu"/> --> +  <insert-move entity="Yabu"/>    </chapter>    </file>    <file>    <chapter title="Graphic User Interface">    <insert-move entity="GTK"/> -  <insert-move entity="GDK"/> -  <insert-move entity="Gnome"/> +  <insert-move entity="GTK2"/>    </chapter>    </file>    <file>    <chapter title="3D Vector Graphics">    <insert-move entity="GL"/>    <insert-move entity="GLU"/> - <!-- <insert-move entity="GLUT"/> --> +  <insert-move entity="GLUT"/>    </chapter>    </file>    <file>    <chapter title="The rest">    <insert-move entity=""/>    </chapter>    </file>    <file>    <chapter-ref file="chapters/compatibility.xml"/>    </file>
pike.git/refdoc/structure/traditional.xml:135:    </file>    <file>    <chapter-ref file="chapters/autodoc.xml"/>    </file>    <file>    <chapter-ref file="chapters/pike_bnf.xml"/>    </file>    </dir>       <void> -  <!-- The 7.0 and 7.2 module should perhaps be added to a -  compatible chapter, but it needs a modifying +  <!-- The compatibility modules should perhaps be added to a +  compatibility chapter, but they would need a modifying    wrapper first. --> -  <insert-move entity="7-0::"/> -  <insert-move entity="7-2::"/> -  <insert-move entity="7-4::"/> +  <insert-move entity="7-8::"/> +  <insert-move entity="8-0::"/>    <insert-move entity="_Roxen"/>    <!-- insert-move entity="__builtin"/ -->    </void>   </manual>