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pike.git/src/BUGS:301:   Version: 1.0E-15:      * typechecking could dump core in lambda functions    fixed      * I should use a changelog instead of this file    fixed      Still to do:    - * really large constant arrays crashes uLPC + * really large constant arrays crashes Pike      * need some way of using shared and non-shared module dirs..      * Also modules need to be able to add libraries to linker stage      * setup_fake_program is called too often, I should keep fake_program updated instead      * foreach somtimes says 'bad argument 1 to foreach' after a completed loop (according to Per)      * there are still memory access bugs (it seems) (maybe) (or maybe not)      * #define foo bar, and then foo(1) does not work..      * all variables aren't initialized ?      * 'array' does not match 'string *' ? (in function calls)      * compile errors generate memory leaks -  +  + * file->write bugs when given a zero as argument?