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pike.git/src/BUGS:255:      * switch didn't exactly work as specified    fixed      * calling prototypes -> hang (should be error)    fixed      * sscanf("foo-%-bar"%s-%%-%s",a,b); didn't work    fixed    + * machines with strange byteorders that didn't handle unaligned reads/write +  jumped into space because EXTRACT_INT didn't work +  fixed +  + * Didn't work on 64-bit-machines (alpha for instance) +  fixed +  + * the macro ALIGN interfered with some standard include files on +  some systems +  fixed +    * setup_fake_program is called too often, I should keep fake_program updated instead      * foreach somtimes says 'bad argument 1 to foreach' after a completed loop      * there are still memory access bugs (it seems) (maybe)      * #define foo bar, and then foo(1) does not work..      * all variables aren't initialized