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pike.git/src/MANIFEST:153:    code that does operations uniformly across all of them.       docode.c    docode.h    Convert node trees to opcode sequences. Also call assemble in    peep.c to convert it to byte/machine code.       language.c (autogenerated)    language.c_src (autogenerated)    language.h (autogenerated) +  language.h.nolines (autogenerated)    language.h_src (autogenerated)    language.h_src.nolines (autogenerated)    language.yacc    y.output (autogenerated)    The yacc/bison language productions. These primarily build node    trees (i.e. abstract syntax trees) from the language constructs.       las.c    las.h    Node tree handling. Wrap together the tree optimizer. Also contains
pike.git/src/MANIFEST:196:    sequences to machine code. Also have some primitives for opcodes    and insertion into the opcode list.       peep.in    peep_engine.c (autogenerated)    The core of the peephole optimizer. peep_engine.c is generated    from transformation rules for opcode sequences in peep.in.    peep_engine.c is included by peep.c.       pike_compiler.h +  pike_compiler.cmod    Definition of the compilator context.       program.c    program.h    Implement the data type for programs (aka classes). The compiler    is wrapped together here. Also contain the lfun support, the C    level parts of the resolver, and the trampoline program.       program_areas.h    Macros for the different areas in the program struct. Used to
pike.git/src/MANIFEST:301:    stralloc.h    Implement pike strings.      Module system       dynamic_load.c    dynamic_load.h    Implement the loading of dynamic modules (the load_module    function).    +  ntlibfuncs.h +  Support for looking up API functions dynamically on NT. +     pike_modules.c    pike_modules.h    Maintain the entry and exit hooks for the statically compiled    modules.       module.h    Include file for most of what a Pike module needs.       module_support.c    module_support.h
pike.git/src/MANIFEST:371:       error.c    pike_error.h    Exception handling and debug style fatal exit.       errors.h    Built-in exception objects. Included by error.c.       gc.c    gc.h +  gc_header.h    The garbage collector. Also contain tools for locating references    to a memory object and to identify and print out the common types    of memory objects in debug style.       main.c    main.h    The entry point. Contains parsing of low-level command arguments    (i.e. those not handled in the master), initialization and    cleanup.   
pike.git/src/MANIFEST:420:       sscanf.c    sscanf.h    Implement the sscanf special function.       stack_allocator.c    stack_allocator.h    Stack-based memory handling for sprintf.       string_builder.h -  string_builder.c +  string_builder.cmod    Dynamically build strings.       svalue.c    svalue.h    Handling of normal and short svalues, e.g. functions to free,    assign, compare and print svalues. Also contain the parts of the    gc that follow references.       threads.c    threads.h
pike.git/src/MANIFEST:545:       UnicodeData-ReadMe.txt    UnicodeData.txt    The standard unicode database. Data from this is extracted to    build tables for various functions, e.g. the Unicode module and    case_info.h (lower_case/upper_case).       version.c    version.h    Version info. +  + Obsolete +  +  dynamic_buffer.h +  Compat layer for ancient buffer implemented on top of buffer.[ch].