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pike.git/src/MANIFEST:123:    FIFO and LIFO queues for functions to call. The difference from    callback.* is that the queue is emptied when the callbacks have    been called, and that it's designed for large amounts of    callbacks. Used primarily by the gc.       rbtree.c    rbtree.h    rbtree_low.h    Red/black tree implementation. Used to implement the multisets.    +  siphash24.h    siphash24.c    Fast, secure hash function used to prevent hash table DoS    collision attacks.    -  strip-opcodes +  strip_opcodes    sh-script used to convert interpret_functions.h into    interpret_protos.h_src.       time_stuff.h    Some tools to handle timeval structs.      Compiler       cpp.cmod    cpp.h
pike.git/src/MANIFEST:173:    together the conversion of a node tree for a function body to    optimized byte code.       lex.c    lex.h    Wrap together the lexer.       lexer.h    The actual lexer. Included by lex.c for different string widths.    +  opcode_list.h +  List of stack machine opcodes. +     opcodes.c    opcodes.h    Opcode lookup tables and primitives for them. The opcode enums    also double as token ids in many cases.       peep.c    peep.h    Wrap together the peephole optimizer, handle the conversion of    labels from opcodes to offsets, and the conversion from opcode    sequences to machine code. Also have some primitives for opcodes    and insertion into the opcode list.       peep.in    peep_engine.c (autogenerated)    The core of the peephole optimizer. peep_engine.c is generated    from transformation rules for opcode sequences in peep.in.    peep_engine.c is included by peep.c.    -  preprocessor.h -  The bulk of the preprocessor. Included by cpp.cmod once for each -  string width. -  +     pike_compiler.h    Definition of the compilator context.       program.c    program.h    Implement the data type for programs (aka classes). The compiler    is wrapped together here. Also contain the lfun support, the C    level parts of the resolver, and the trampoline program.       program_areas.h
pike.git/src/MANIFEST:301:    stralloc.h    Implement pike strings.      Module system       dynamic_load.c    dynamic_load.h    Implement the loading of dynamic modules (the load_module    function).    -  module.c -  module.h +  pike_modules.c +  pike_modules.h    Maintain the entry and exit hooks for the statically compiled    modules.    -  +  module.h +  Include file for most of what a Pike module needs. +     module_support.c    module_support.h    Tools for importing and exporting symbols between modules. Also    contain helpers for checking arguments on the pike stack.       modules/    Standard modules that don't need the recently built pike in order    to be built.       post_modules/
pike.git/src/MANIFEST:404:    interpreter lock. The code is in threads.c.       pike_types.c    pike_types.h    Handling of types in pike.       signal_handler.c    signal_handler.h    Signal and process support.    +  sprintf.h    sprintf.c    Implement the sprintf function.       sscanf.c    sscanf.h    Implement the sscanf special function.       stack_allocator.c    stack_allocator.h    Stack-based memory handling for sprintf.    -  +  string_builder.h +  string_builder.c +  Dynamically build strings. +     svalue.c    svalue.h    Handling of normal and short svalues, e.g. functions to free,    assign, compare and print svalues. Also contain the parts of the    gc that follow references.       threads.c    threads.h    Thread support. Provides a generic thread farm too.   
pike.git/src/MANIFEST:517:    GC destruct order test. Used by testsuite.in.       test_resolve.pike    Test resolution of all modules. Used by testsuite.in.       testsuite.in    Testsuite for the core.      Miscellaneous    +  coverity_model.c +  Workaroound for issues in Coverity Prevent static code analysis. +     program_id.h    Statically allocated program id numbers.       specs.in    Template for the specs file, describing the build environment of    the Pike. Used by pike -x module to build new binary modules with    the same build options.       UnicodeData-ReadMe.txt    UnicodeData.txt    The standard unicode database. Data from this is extracted to    build tables for various functions, e.g. the Unicode module and    case_info.h (lower_case/upper_case).       version.c    version.h    Version info.