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pike.git/src/MANIFEST:380:    svalue.h    Handling of normal and short svalues, e.g. functions to free,    assign, compare and print svalues. Also contain the parts of the    gc that follow references.       threads.c    threads.h    Thread support. Provides a generic thread farm too.      Build system - FIXME: Document these. +        Makefile.in -  acconfig.h -  aclocal.m4 -  build_modlist_h +  The Makefile template. Used by configure to generate a Makefile. +     configure.in -  +  The configure template. Used by run_autoconfig to generate +  configure. +     dumpmaster.pike -  +  Codec made especially for dumping the Pike master. +     export_list -  install-sh +  A list of the files and directories that should be included in a +  source dist. Used by bin/export.pike. +     install-welcome -  make_variables.in +  GIF image used in the Pike GTK installer. +     patch_cc1.c -  +  Small utility that binary patches gcc so that it doesn't use +  .ua{half,word} directives. May be invoked by configure. +     precompile.sh.in -  +  Template to create precompile.sh, a utility script that finds the +  most apropriate Pike binary and execute the script given in its +  argument with that binary. +  + FIXME: Document these. +  +  acconfig.h +  aclocal.m4 +  install-sh +  make_variables.in    precompile2.sh    run_autoconfig    smartlink.c    strip_opcodes    specs.in    uncompressor.c      Testsuite       test_co.pike