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pike.git/src/MANIFEST:2:   -------------      System interface glue       alloca.c    Emulation of alloca(3) if it doesn't exist.       crypt.c    Implementation of BSD style crypt(3) if it doesn't exist.    -  dlopen.c -  dlopen(3) implementation for NT. -  +     fd_control.c    fd_control.h    Support for setting fd modes (blocking, nonblocking, close-on-exec).       fdlib.c    fdlib.h    NT emulation of libc style I/O on fd's.       pike_cpulib.c    pike_cpulib.h    CPU specific code for implementing atomic locks. Used only when    running without the interpreter lock.    -  pike_dlfcn.h -  dlfcn.h replacement for the dlopen(3) implementation in dlopen.c. -  +     pike_float.h    Support stuff for dealing with floats on different systems.       pike_netlib.h    Support stuff for dealing with ip addresses on different systems.       pike_rusage.h    rusage.c    Support for getrusage(2) and look-alikes on different systems, and    support for querying virtual cpu time.