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pike.git/src/Makefile.in:1:   # - # $Id: Makefile.in,v 1.398 2004/12/30 14:24:23 nilsson Exp $ + # $Id: Makefile.in,v 1.399 2005/01/03 18:59:51 grubba Exp $   #      # This line is needed on some machines.   @SET_MAKE@      # Pike embed target, either pike.so or pike.a.   PIKE_LIB=@PIKE_LIB@      # Don't change this line. Define EXTRALIBS before this line if you   # wish to add any libraries.
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:379:    -rm dumpversion 2>/dev/null    $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) dump_modules      delete_dumped_modules:    -find lib -type f -name \*.o | xargs rm -f      undump_modules: delete_dumped_modules    -rm dumpversion 2>/dev/null      .SUFFIXES: - .SUFFIXES: .c .h .o .cmod .pp .pph .protos .h_src .wxs .wixobj .msi .msm + .SUFFIXES: .c .h .o .cmod .symlist .pp .pph .protos .h_src .wxs .wixobj .msi .msm      .c.pp:    $(CPP) $(PREFLAGS) -DPMOD_EXPORT=PMOD_EXPORT \    -DPMOD_PROTO=PMOD_PROTO "$<" >"$@"      .c.protos: precompile.sh-stamp    ./precompile.sh --cache fake_dynamic_load.pike >"$@" --cpp --protos \    $(CPP) $(PREFLAGS) -DPMOD_EXPORT=PMOD_EXPORT \    -DPMOD_PROTO=PMOD_PROTO -DPIKE_PRECOMPILER=1 "$<" || \    { rm "$@"; exit 1; }
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:431:    fi      #   # Please note that this must be accompanied by a dependency rule as   # The .c file will not be created in the SOURCE directory otherwise.   # -Hubbe   #   .cmod.c: precompile.sh-stamp $(TMP_BINDIR)/precompile.pike    ./precompile.sh --cache precompile.pike >"$@" "$<" || { rm "$@"; exit 1; }    + # The same applies to this. + .symlist.c: precompile.sh-stamp $(SRCDIR)/mklibpike.pike +  ./precompile.sh --cache $(SRCDIR)/mklibpike.pike -I. -I "$(SRCDIR)" -S "$<" -o "$@" +    # This rule is used for some header files that are generated from the   # source, to avoid excessive rebuilding when the source change in ways   # that doesn't affect the header.   #   # It can cause a .h target to be out-of-date repeatedly, but since it   # runs fast that's not an issue. This technique only works well in   # make's that stat the target again after the rule has run and   # recalculate the dependencies from that. Most make's seems to behave   # like that.   .h_src.h:
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:1046:      # UnixWare make needs help to find the source file...   builtin.o: $(SRCDIR)/builtin.c      iterators.o: $(SRCDIR)/iterators.c      facetgroup.o: $(SRCDIR)/facetgroup.c      backend.o: $(SRCDIR)/backend.c    + libpike.o: $(SRCDIR)/libpike.c +    # Internal testing target   run_yacc: $(SRCDIR)/language.c      $(SRCDIR)/configure $(SRCDIR)/stamp-h.in: $(SRCDIR)/configure.in $(SRCDIR)/aclocal.m4 $(SRCDIR)/acconfig.h    cd $(SRCDIR) && ./run_autoconfig --no-recursion .    echo foo > $(SRCDIR)/stamp-h.in      config.status: $(SRCDIR)/configure    ./config.status --recheck