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pike.git/src/Makefile.in:1328:   # recent OS's, that haven't heard of the 70's...   #   # Note that gnu touch is stupid, and warns about the syntax; thus the   # redirect of stderr.   #   # BSD make is stupid, and doesn't restat precompile.sh-stamp and   # recalculate the dependencies after executing the rule, thus the   # recursive use of make.   precompile.sh-stamp:    @if [ -f precompile.sh ]; then :; else $(MAKE) precompile.sh; fi -  @touch 0101010185 precompile.sh-stamp 2>/dev/null +  @touch -t 198501010101 precompile.sh-stamp 2>/dev/null      $(SRCDIR)/machine.h.in: $(SRCDIR)/stamp-h.in    @if test -f $(SRCDIR)/machine.h.in; then :; else \    rm $(SRCDIR)/stamp-h.in; $(MAKE) $(SRCDIR)/stamp-h.in; \    fi      machine.h: stamp-h    @if test -f machine.h; then :; else \    rm stamp-h; $(MAKE) stamp-h; \    fi