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pike.git/src/Makefile.in:28:   MANDIR_SRC = @MANDIR@   DOCDIR_SRC = @DOCDIR@   BASEDIR = @BASEDIR@   PACKAGINGDIR = $(SRCDIR)/../packaging      # These are used by the files generated by fixdepends.sh   PIKE_SRC_DIR=$(SRCDIR)   BUILD_BASE=      # The precompiler API level used by cmod files in the src root directory. - PRECOMPILER_ARGS=--api=3 + PRECOMPILER_ARGS=--api=4      #   # RPM and package builders, listen up, because this is your only   # documentation! This variable is prepended to the install path.   # Please note that Pike will not work until moved into the proper   # place. -Hubbe   #   buildroot=      prefix = @prefix@