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pike.git/src/Makefile.in:47:   #add extra defines here   # Be sure to use -g when looking for bugs   DEFINES=@CPPFLAGS@      # -O should work with all compilers   OPTIMIZE=@OPTIMIZE@      # Preprocessor flags.   PREFLAGS=-I. -I$(SRCDIR) $(DEFINES)   OTHERFLAGS=@CFLAGS@ @CPPFLAGS@ $(OSFLAGS) $(OPTIMIZE) $(WARN) $(PROFIL) + NOOPTFLAGS=@CFLAGS@ @CPPFLAGS@ $(OSFLAGS) $(WARN) $(PROFIL)   CFLAGS=$(PREFLAGS) $(OTHERFLAGS)      CC=@CC@   CPP=@CPP@    -  + AR=@AR@ +    LD=$(CC)   LDFLAGS=$(CFLAGS) @LDFLAGS@ @LINKFORSHARED@      RUNPIKE=$(TMP_BUILDDIR)/pike -m $(TMP_LIBDIR)/master.pike $(PIKEOPTS)    - MOST_MAKE_FLAGS = "prefix=$(prefix)" "exec_prefix=$(exec_prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "TMP_BINDIR=$(TMP_BINDIR)" "DEFINES=$(DEFINES)" "TMP_LIBDIR=$(TMP_LIBDIR)" "RUNPIKE=$(RUNPIKE)" "INSTALL=$(INSTALL)" + MOST_MAKE_FLAGS = "prefix=$(prefix)" "exec_prefix=$(exec_prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "TMP_BINDIR=$(TMP_BINDIR)" "DEFINES=$(DEFINES)" "TMP_LIBDIR=$(TMP_LIBDIR)" "RUNPIKE=$(RUNPIKE)" "INSTALL=$(INSTALL)" "NOOPTFLAGS=$(NOOPTFLAGS)" "AR=$(AR)"   MAKE_FLAGS = $(MOST_MAKE_FLAGS) "OTHERFLAGS=$(OTHERFLAGS)"      # Add alloca.o if you don't have alloca() on your machine.   # Add ualarm.o if you don't have ualarm() on your machine.   #   OBJ= \    language.o \    constants.o \    cyclic.o \    array.o \
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:133:    purecov purify -free-queue-length=500 -inuse-at-exit=yes -chain-length=12 gcc $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJ) interpret.o `cat modules/linker_options` $(LIBS) -o pike      # quantify   quant: $(OBJ) compile_interpret module_objects    -@mv pike pike.old 2>/dev/null || true    quantify gcc $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJ) interpret.o `cat modules/linker_options` $(LIBS) -o pike      # Several optimizers have problems with interpret.c   # First try compiling with optimization and if that doesn't work, without.   compile_interpret : force -  $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) interpret.o || NO_ULIMIT=yes $(MAKE) $(MOST_MAKE_FLAGS) "OPTIMIZE=" interpret.o +  $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) interpret.o || NO_ULIMIT=yes $(MAKE) $(MOST_MAKE_FLAGS) "OTHERFLAGS=$(NOOPTFLAGS)" interpret.o      force :      # install   install:    @echo    @echo Installing Pike...    @echo    @for d in "$(prefix)" "$(exec_prefix)" "$(prefix)/lib" "$(lib_prefix)" "$(prefix)/include" "$(prefix)/include/pike"; do if [ \! -d "$$d/." ]; then echo "$$d"; mkdir "$$d"; chmod 755 "$$d"; else : ; fi; done    @for d in `cd "$(TMP_LIBDIR)"; find . -type d -print`; do if [ \! -d "$(lib_prefix)/$$d/." ]; then echo "$(lib_prefix)/$$d"; mkdir "$(lib_prefix)/$$d"; chmod 755 "$(lib_prefix)/$$d/."; else : ; fi; done
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:263:    ( cd modules ; $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) depend )      docs:    mkdir docs      html_docs: docs    $(RUNPIKE) $(TMP_BINDIR)/htmlify_docs docs $(TMP_DOCDIR) `echo $(SRCDIR)/modules/*/doc`   #   # Pike internal targets   # - module_objects: machine.h global.h $(SRCDIR)/language.h lib + module_objects: machine.h global.h modules/static_module_makefile modules/dynamic_module_makefile $(SRCDIR)/language.h lib    ( cd modules ; ${MAKE} $(MAKE_FLAGS) )      language.o: $(SRCDIR)/language.c $(SRCDIR)/object.h $(SRCDIR)/interpret.h $(SRCDIR)/program.h      $(SRCDIR)/language.h: $(SRCDIR)/language.yacc    @echo "Expect 1 shift/reduce conflict."    $(YACC) $(YFLAGS) $(SRCDIR)/language.yacc    mv y.tab.c $(SRCDIR)/language.c    mv y.tab.h $(SRCDIR)/language.h   
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:294:    touch modules/modlist_headers.h      module.o: modules/modlist_headers.h modules/modlist.h      $(SRCDIR)/configure: $(SRCDIR)/configure.in    cd $(SRCDIR) && autoconf      config.status: $(SRCDIR)/configure    ./config.status --recheck    + modules/static_module_makefile: $(SRCDIR)/modules/static_module_makefile.in config.status +  CONFIG_FILES=modules/static_module_makefile CONFIG_HEADERS="" ./config.status +  + modules/dynamic_module_makefile: $(SRCDIR)/@dmmsrc@ config.status +  CONFIG_FILES=modules/dynamic_module_makefile:@dmmsrc@ CONFIG_HEADERS="" ./config.status +    Makefile: $(SRCDIR)/Makefile.in $(SRCDIR)/dependencies config.status    CONFIG_FILES=Makefile CONFIG_HEADERS="" ./config.status    @echo "Run make again"    @exit 1      $(SRCDIR)/machine.h.in: $(SRCDIR)/stamp-h.in   $(SRCDIR)/stamp-h.in: $(SRCDIR)/configure.in $(SRCDIR)/acconfig.h    cd $(SRCDIR) && autoheader    echo foo > $(SRCDIR)/stamp-h.in      machine.h: stamp-h   stamp-h: $(SRCDIR)/machine.h.in config.status    CONFIG_FILES="" CONFIG_HEADERS=machine.h ./config.status      testsuite: $(SRCDIR)/testsuite.in    $(TMP_BINDIR)/mktestsuite $(SRCDIR)/testsuite.in >testsuite      @dependencies@