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pike.git/src/Makefile.in:1:   # - # $Id: Makefile.in,v 1.98 1998/07/04 23:12:20 grubba Exp $ + # $Id: Makefile.in,v 1.99 1998/07/09 16:01:21 grubba Exp $   #      # This line is needed on some machines.   @SET_MAKE@      # Don't change this line. Define EXTRALIBS before this line if you   # wish to add any libraries.   LIBS=@LIBS@ $(EXTRALIBS)      # This is normall the install program in the source directory
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:64:   CFLAGS=$(PREFLAGS) $(OTHERFLAGS)      SMARTLINK=@SMARTLINK@   REALCC=@REALCC@   CC=@CC@   CPP=@CPP@      AR=@AR@      LD=@LD@ - LDFLAGS=@LDFLAGS@ @LINKFORSHARED@ + LDFLAGS=@LDFLAGS@ @LINKFORSHARED@ $(EXTRALDFLAGS)      RUNPIKE=$(TMP_BUILDDIR)/pike -DNOT_INSTALLED -m$(TMP_BUILDDIR)/master.pike $(PIKEOPTS)      MOST_MAKE_FLAGS = "prefix=$(prefix)" "exec_prefix=$(exec_prefix)" "CC=$(CC)" "TMP_BINDIR=$(TMP_BINDIR)" "DEFINES=$(DEFINES)" "TMP_LIBDIR=$(TMP_LIBDIR)" "RUNPIKE=$(RUNPIKE)" "INSTALL=$(INSTALL)" "NOOPTFLAGS=$(NOOPTFLAGS)" "AR=$(AR)"   MAKE_FLAGS = $(MOST_MAKE_FLAGS) "OTHERFLAGS=$(OTHERFLAGS)"      # Add alloca.o if you don't have alloca() on your machine.   # Add ualarm.o if you don't have ualarm() on your machine.   #   OBJ= \
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:359:    fi    @echo "Creating lib/master.pike"; \    ( sed -e 's!¤lib_prefix¤!$(lib_prefix)!' \    -e 's!¤share_prefix¤!$(share_prefix)!' \    <$(LIBDIR_SRC)/master.pike.in \    >./lib/master.pike && chmod 644 ./lib/master.pike) || exit 1    @echo "Done."    -@touch ./lib 2>/dev/null || (touch lib/.broken_gnu_touch && rm lib/.broken_gnu_touch)       - master.pike: $(LIBDIR_SRC)/master.pike.in + master.pike: $(LIBDIR_SRC)/master.pike.in Makefile    sed -e 's!¤lib_prefix¤!$(TMP_LIBDIR)!' <$(LIBDIR_SRC)/master.pike.in \    | sed -e 's!¤share_prefix¤!$(LIBDIR_SRC)!' >master.pike      # make export archive (requires compiled Pike)   # Do not compile in source tree if you want to use this!   # Beware that export archive this includes bison/yacc/byacc source   # and thus has to follow the rules stated in that code.   export: new_peep_engine $(SRCDIR)/language.c $(SRCDIR)/language.h depend    chmod +x $(SRCDIR)/install-sh    $(RUNPIKE) $(TMP_BINDIR)/export.pike Odbc Oracle _Crypto Postgres