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pike.git/src/Makefile.in:1:   # - # $Id: Makefile.in,v 1.169 1999/11/24 19:01:18 grubba Exp $ + # $Id: Makefile.in,v 1.170 1999/11/26 03:50:11 mast Exp $   #      # This line is needed on some machines.   @SET_MAKE@      # Don't change this line. Define EXTRALIBS before this line if you   # wish to add any libraries.   LIBS=@LIBS@ $(EXTRALIBS)      # This is normall the install program in the source directory
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:196:      # Only want tpike to exist when using $(RUNTPIKE); we don't want to   # require it actually being up-to-date.   tpike:    $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) $(MAKE_PARALLEL) tpike-real      # Make $(POBJ)s with a recursive make instead of depending on them.   # This way, we make sure that all other objects shared with tpike are   # up-to-date first. So if the $(POBJ)s, which depend on tpike, trigs   # the recursive make of tpike-real above, that one will never start to - # make the $(OBJ)s concurrently with this one. - # The force is needed, since otherwise pike won't be rebuilt if - # only $(POBJ) needs to be rebuilt. - pike: $(OBJ) modules/linker_options force + # make the $(OBJ)s concurrently with this one. stamp-tpike-predep + # records the $(POBJ) dependencies without tpike. + pike: $(OBJ) modules/linker_options stamp-tpike-predep    $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) $(MAKE_PARALLEL) $(POBJ)    -@if [ -f pike.old ] ; then rm -f pike.old || : ; else : ; fi    -@if [ -f pike.old.exe ] ; then rm -f pike.old.exe || : ; else : ; fi    -@if [ -f pike ] ; then mv pike pike.old || : ; else : ; fi    $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJ) $(POBJ) `cat modules/linker_options` $(LIBS) -o pike      # purify   pure: $(OBJ) $(POBJ) module_objects    -@mv pike pike.old 2>/dev/null || true    $(SMARTLINK) purify -max-threads=128 -thread_stack_change=8192 -free-queue-length=500 -inuse-at-exit=yes -chain-length=12 $(REALCC) $(LDFLAGS) $(OBJ) $(POBJ) `cat modules/linker_options` $(LIBS) -o pike
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:286:    SRCDIR="$(SRCDIR)" MANDIR_SRC="$(MANDIR_SRC)"      # tidy up a bit   tidy:    -rm -f *.o core y.output y.tab.c y.tab.h    -rm -f $(TMP_BINDIR)/core *.o *.i *.i~ testsuite      # make clean   clean: tidy    -( cd modules; $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) clean ) -  -rm -rf test-install test-pike tpike +  -rm -rf test-install test-pike    -rm -f TAGS tags yacc.acts yacc.debug yacc.tmp *.debug.log a.out    -rm -f hilfe master.pike compiler-warnings    -find lib/modules/ -type f -name '*.so_pure*' -exec rm -f \{\} \;   # -rm -f lib/master.pike      # make _really_ clean   spotless: clean    -(cd $(SRCDIR); find . -type f -name '*.h.in' -print) | \    sed -e 's/\.in$$//' | xargs rm -f    find . -type f '(' -name 'Makefile' -o -name '*~' -o -name '.*~' -o \    -name core -o -name '.nfs*' -name '#*#' -o -name '.pure' -o \    -name 'conftest.*' -o -name 'stamp-h' ')' -exec rm -f \{\} \; -  +  -rm -f tpike stamp-tpike-predep    -rm -f lexical.c mon.out *.ln config.status    -rm -f $(TMP_BINDIR)/*~ $(TMP_BINDIR)/\#*\#    -rm -f pike pike.old l.outa*    -rm -f modules/*/testsuite    -rm -f modules/static_module_makefile modules/dynamic_module_makefile    -rm -rf lib      distclean: spotless    find . -type f '(' -name 'config.log' -o -name 'config.status' -o \    -name 'config.cache' ')' -exec rm -f \{\} \;
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:456:      builtin_functions_t.o: builtin_functions.c      $(SRCDIR)/treeopt.h: tpike $(SRCDIR)/treeopt.in $(TMP_BINDIR)/mktreeopt.pike    $(RUNTPIKE) $(TMP_BINDIR)/mktreeopt.pike $(SRCDIR)/treeopt.in      las.o: $(SRCDIR)/treeopt.h      las_t.o: las.c    + # All the $(POBJ) dependencies, except tpike. See blurb at pike target. + stamp-tpike-predep: $(SRCDIR)/peep.in $(TMP_BINDIR)/mkpeep.pike peep.c $(SRCDIR)/UnicodeData.txt $(TMP_BINDIR)/make_ci.pike builtin_functions.c $(SRCDIR)/treeopt.in $(TMP_BINDIR)/mktreeopt.pike las.c +  @echo foo > stamp-tpike-predep +    # make dependencies   depend: $(SRCDIR)/language.c    gcc -MM -MG $(PREFLAGS) $(SRCDIR)/*.c | $(TMP_BINDIR)/fixdepends.sh $(SRCDIR)    ( cd modules ; $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) depend )    $(SRCDIR)/configure @ac_configure_args@      # Documentation...      docs:    mkdir docs