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pike.git/src/Makefile.in:116:      # tidy up a bit   tidy:    -rm -f *.o core $(MUD_LIB)/core y.output y.tab.c y.tab.h    -rm -f $(TMP_BINDIR)/core *.o *.i *.i~      # make clean   clean: tidy    -for a in $(MODULES) ; do ( cd $$a ; ${MAKE} $(MAKE_FLAGS) clean ) ; done    -for a in $(MODULES) ; do rm -f $$a/*.o ; done -  -rm -f language.h language.c TAGS tags +  -rm -f TAGS tags    -rm -f yacc.acts yacc.debug yacc.tmp *.debug.log a.out      # make _really_ clean   spotless: clean    rm -f Makefile machine.h    find . -type f '(' -name '*~' -o -name '.*~' -o -name core -o -name '.nfs*' -name '#*#' ')' -print | xargs rm -f    -rm -f lexical.c mon.out *.ln config.status    -rm -f $(TMP_BINDIR)/driver $(TMP_BINDIR)/*~ $(TMP_BINDIR)/#*#    -rm -f .pure driver* l.outa*   
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:157:    echo >.gdbinit handle SIGUSR1 nostop noprint pass    echo >>.gdbinit run -m $(TMP_LIBDIR)/master.lpc $(SRCDIR)/test/test_lpc.lpc $(SRCDIR)/test/testsuite -v -v -f    gdb ./ulpc      # run hilfe, for interactive testing   run_hilfe:    $(RUNULPC) $(TMP_BINDIR)/hilfe      # make export archive (requires compiled uLPC)   # Do not compile in source tree if you want to use this! - export: $(SRCDIR)/test/testsuite + # Beware that export archive this includes bison/yacc/byacc source + # and thus has to follow the rules stated in that code. + export: $(SRCDIR)/test/testsuite new_peep_engine $(SRCDIR)/language.c $(SRCDIR)/language.h    chmod +x $(SRCDIR)/install-sh    $(RUNULPC) $(TMP_BINDIR)/export.lpc    -  + new_peep_engine: +  $(RUNULPC) $(TMP_BINDIR)/mkpeep.lpc $(SRCDIR)/peep.in >$(SRCDIR)/peep_engine.c +    peep_engine.c: peep.in    echo "" >$(SRCDIR)/peep_engine.c    -$(RUNULPC) $(TMP_BINDIR)/mkpeep.lpc $(SRCDIR)/peep.in >$(SRCDIR)/peep_engine.c      # make dependencies (requires compiled uLPC)   depend: language.c    gcc -MM $(PREFLAGS) *.c $(SRCDIR)/*.c | $(FIXDEP) $(SRCDIR)/Makefile.in    for a in $(MODULES) ; do ( cd $$a ; ${MAKE} $(MAKE_FLAGS) depend ) ; done      docs:
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:184:    $(RUNULPC) $(TMP_BINDIR)/htmlify_docs $(TMP_DOCDIR) docs      #   # uLPC internal targets   #   module_objects:    for a in $(MODULES) ; do ( cd $$a ; ${MAKE} $(MAKE_FLAGS) ) ; done      lang.o: lang.c config.h object.h interpret.h program.h    - language.h: language.y + $(SRCDIR)/language.h: language.y    @echo "Expect 1 shift/reduce conflict."    $(YACC) $(YFLAGS) $(SRCDIR)/language.y -  mv y.tab.c language.c -  mv y.tab.h language.h +  mv y.tab.c $(SRCDIR)/language.c +  mv y.tab.h $(SRCDIR)/language.h    - language.c: language.h -  touch language.c + $(SRCDIR)/language.c: language.h +  touch $(SRCDIR)/language.c      module.c: modlist.h      configure: configure.in    cd $(SRCDIR) && autoconf      config.status: configure    ./config.status --recheck      Makefile: Makefile.in config.status