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pike.git/src/Makefile.in:340:    -@RANLIB@ libpike.a      # tpike is only used when dynamic modules aren't. It's a pike with no   # post modules linked in which is used during building of the post   # modules.   tpike-real: main.o $(CORE_OBJ) tmodule.o modules/linker_options    -@rm -f tpike tpike.exe    $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) main.o $(CORE_OBJ) tmodule.o \    `cat modules/linker_options` \    $(LIBS) -o tpike@EXEEXT@ + # Turn off PaX mprotect inhibition on NetBSD and others. +  @$(PAXCTL_ALLOW_MPROTECT) tpike      # Only want tpike to exist for use with $(RUNPIKE) in the modules. We   # don't want to require it actually being up-to-date.   tpike@EXEEXT@: master-stamp    $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) $(MAKE_PARALLEL) tpike-real      # If we build without dynamic modules then tpike is built first with   # all modules under modules/ linked into it, then tpike is used for   # post_modules source targets, and then pike is linked with both   # modules/ and post_modules/.
pike.git/src/Makefile.in:371:   # used on NT.   pike@EXEEXT@ pike.lib: main.o $(OBJ) master-stamp pike.syms modules/linker_options @STATIC_POST_MODULES_LINKOPTS@ @PIKE_ICON_RES@    -@if [ -f pike.old.exe ] ; then rm -f pike.old.exe || : ; else : ; fi    -@if [ -f pike.old ] ; then rm -f pike.old || : ; else : ; fi    -@if [ -f pike.exe ] ; then mv pike.exe pike.old.exe || : ; else : ; fi    -@if [ -f pike ] ; then mv pike pike.old || : ; else : ; fi    $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) main.o $(OBJ) \    `cat modules/linker_options @STATIC_POST_MODULES_LINKOPTS@` \    $(LIBS) @PIKE_ICON_RES@ -o pike    @MT_FIX_PIKE_EXE@ + # Turn off PaX mprotect inhibition on NetBSD and others. +  @$(PAXCTL_ALLOW_MPROTECT) pike   # The dumped modules are removed whenever Pike is relinked since some   # of the bytecode methods (e.g. ia32) store absolute addresses to   # global structs. That should probably be fixed in them so that dumped   # modules aren't link order dependent.    @if [ -f dumpversion ]; then \    echo "$(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) delete_dumped_modules"; \    $(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) delete_dumped_modules; \    else :; fi      # gcov