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pike.git/src/README:38:      3) Run make.      4) optionally, run 'make verify' to check that the compiled driver works    as it should (might be a good idea) This will take a little time    and use quite a lot of memory, because the testprogram is quite    large. If everything works out fine no extra messages are written.      5) If you want to install Pike, write 'make install'    - 6) Optionally do 'make html_docs' to create a directory called docs which -  will contain the Pike documentation in html. This directory can then -  be copied to anywhere you want. -  +    What to do when it doesn't work:   1) Try again.      2) Your sh might be too buggy to run ./configure. (This is the case on A/UX)    Try using bash, zsh or possibly ksh. To use bash, first run /bin/sh and    type:    $ CONFIG_SHELL=full_path_for_bash    $ export CONFIG_SHELL    $ $CONFIG_SHELL ./configure