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pike.git/src/README:66:    with I/O and signals. If so you need to run configure --without-threads.      6) Try a different compiler, malloc, compiler-compiler and/or make.    (if you have any other)      7) On Linux Slackware machines (older than slackware 3.0), Pike sometimes    fails to find -lm, this is because of a bug in /usr/lib/libm.sa    (or possibly libg.a) in slackware.    Compile with 'make EXTRALIBS="-lc -lm"' to get around this bug.    +  Threads support on linux works on some releaes, you might need to add +  an _ to line 36 in /usr/include/sched.h (change _P to __P). +    8)   If you find a bug in the interpreter, the first thing to do is to make sure   the interpreter is compiled with DEBUG defined. If not recompile with DEBUG   and see if you get another error. When you've done this, please report the   bug to hubbe@lysator.liu.se and include as much as you can muster of the   following:       o The version of the driver. (can be found in lib/simulate.pike)    o What kind of system hardware/software you use (OS, compiler, etc.)    o the piece of code that crashes or bugs.    (preferably in a very small pike-script with the bug isolated)    Please send a complete running example of something that makes the    interpreter bug.    o a description of what it is that bugs and when.    o if you know how then also give me a backtrace and dump of vital variables    at the point of crash.    o or, if you found the error and corrected it, just send me the bugfix along    with a description of what you did and why.       /Fredrik Hubinette