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pike.git/src/README:60:       o Try again.       o Your sh might be too buggy to run ./configure. (This is the case on A/UX)    Try using bash, zsh or possibly ksh. To use bash, first run /bin/sh and    type:    $ CONFIG_SHELL=full_path_for_bash    $ export CONFIG_SHELL    $ $CONFIG_SHELL ./configure    +  o If you are not using GNU make, compile in he source dir rather than +  using a separate build dir. +     o ./configure relies heavily on sed, if you have several sed in your path    try another sed. (preferably gnu sed)       o configure might have done something wrong, check machine.h and report    any errors back to me.       o Your gmp/gdbm libraries might not be working or incorrectly    installed, start over by running configure with the approperiate    --without-xxx arguments. Also note that threads might give problems    with I/O and signals. If so you need to run configure --without-threads.